2 Dental Rinses To Soothe Gum Tissue Pain Caused By Temporary Crowns

If you are scheduled to get a dental crown installed, then your dentist may install a temporary crown before the permanent crown. Temporary crowns are typically installed as a placeholder for your permanent crown. They will give you an idea of how the permanent crown will feel and help to protect your tooth until the permanent crown can be installed by your dentist. However, temporary crowns are often installed right at your gum line. This can cause trauma to the gum tissue and result in pain or discomfort. The pain will subside on its own after a few days. Fortunately, there are a few rinses that you can use to soothe the pain until it fully heals on its own.

Salt Water Rinse

Salt water is often used to treat and reduce dental infections because it kills off bacteria and reduces inflammation. In order to soothe pain caused by irritated gums, it is beneficial to use a salt water rinse. You can create your own rinse at home by boiling hot water and placing a few spoonfuls of salt into the hot water. Wait until the water is no longer hot and the salt fully dissolves. Work the rinse throughout your mouth and concentrate the rinse on your gum line. The rinse may initially sting if your gums are severely irritated or inflamed. Allow the rinse to sit in your mouth for several minutes before spitting. Repeat this process until your gums are no longer tender.

Nettle Rinse

Nettle is a root that is frequently used to treat muscle pain and inflammation because of its anti-inflammatory and astringent properties. A nettle rinse can be created by soaking the herb in a pot of hot water. Place the pot on the stove and allow it to boil for several minutes before removing it. Allow the nettle to soak in the hot water for hours. Remove the herb from the water and use the rinse to clean your mouth and spit. Repeat this process but hold the nettle rinse in your mouth for several minutes. Focus on the areas of your gum line that feel painful and tender. Use the nettle rinse in the morning and before going to bed in order to notice relief in pain.

Temporary crowns are beneficial for creating a healthy foundation for your permanent crowns. However, they can cause some issues with your gum tissue. Therefore, use these tips to help soothe that pain. For more help or information about dealing with temporary crowns, contact a company like Castlegar Kootenay Family Dental.