Mini Denture Implants: What They Are And How They Work

The next time you visit a denture clinic, ask your dentist or denturist about a mini denture implant (MDI), especially if you are having problems with your lower denture plate. This procedure has many benefits, the most important of which keeps your denture partial in place and stops it from moving about. The procedure, and how MDI's work, are as follows.

The MDI, or Mini Denture Implant

Your dentist will examine your lower jaw and check to see where your denture plate slips around the most. If you want the procedure, your dentist will suggest between two and five implants that will help stabilize a denture partial, thereby replacing a full denture plate and replacing the slipping and sliding you currently experience for no slipping at all. Usually, the implants are placed where they will be most effective at anchoring the partial--a couple of molars and/or a couple of front teeth. These implants are exactly like the ones used when a dentist places a full set of implants in a patient, only your dentist will not be doing your entire mouth.

Once the MDIs Are in Place

Unlike a full set of implants, you can use your mini set to eat and chew right away. The reason behind this is that your accompanying partial takes on most of the chewing duties, reducing any grinding force on the mini denture implants. (Sometimes, the mini denture implants are a series of teeth connected together, which would ordinarily be teeth naturally seen next to each other.) The fitted partial fits right over the top of the implants and snaps into place, secured by dental wire that wraps around the implants. You can still brush and clean the partial like you would with dentures, while the implants you will use a toothbrush and toothpaste to clean them.

Ask Your Dentist About MDIs

Ask your dentist about the possibility of MDIs. Even if he or she feels that you would be a good candidate for such a procedure, your dentist may not be able to provide you with the implants. Even some denturists do not do mini denture implants, and in Canada, you may have to travel some distance to have the procedure done. Your dentist should be able to point you in the right direction with a referral to a dentist or denture clinic who has both the skills and the tools for the procedure (if your own dentist does not).