Why You Should Consider Using Marvelous Mint To Improve Your Oral and Physical Health

The mint flavor that you enjoy in gum, candy, breath fresheners and toothpaste is derived from a common plant called Mentha in the world of science. Mint leaves (which come from the Mentha plant) have many health benefits, and ten of them are listed below.

Mint tea and gum:

  1. Aids digestion – Mint has a cleansing, soothing affect in your stomach. The minty smell also activates your saliva glands and glands that secrete digestive juices.
  2. Improves oral health – Mint is used in toothpastes and mouthwashes because it works to clean the mouth and inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria. Just chewing on mint leaves will have a positive effect on your teeth and gums. Ask a dentist like Empire Dental Associates more about it!
  3. Improves memory – Studies show that people who regularly chew gum have better memories than those who do not. Chew on mint leaves or gum to improve cognitive function, alertness, and memory.
  4. Weight loss – Drinking mint tea improves digestion and helps your body burn more fat. This is because mint stimulates the release of an enzyme that absorbs food nutrients and burns fat to convert it all to usable energy.
  5. Allergy prevention – Research has found that mint leaf extract hinders the production of histamines, which cause the runny nose and itchy eye symptoms of allergies.

Mint oil:

  1. Breast feeding problems – Mint oil can help heal nipple pain and cracks caused by breast feeding.
  2. Skin care – Mint oil is antipruritic (stops itching) and antiseptic (kills germs). When applied directly to the skin, it can sooth and heal insect bites, sores, and pimples. Citronella candles used as bug repellents are made with mint oil.

Mint aroma:

  1. Relieves headache and nausea – The scent of crushed mint leaves or mint oil can reduce nausea as well as inflammation and temperature associated with headaches. Mint balms rubbed on the forehead also relieve headaches.
  2. Heals coughs and respiratory disorders – Many balms and inhalers add mint as an ingredient, because the strong aroma of mint can clear up congestion of the throat, nose, lungs, and bronchial tubes. Mint has a cooling, soothing effect that relieves the irritation that causes coughing, and has also been found to be beneficial in treating asthma.
  3. Combats fatigue and depression – Smelling mint during the day, and putting a few drops of mint oil on your pillow at night, will help you overcome mental stress that leads to fatigue and depression. Drinking mint tea and applying a mint salve to your chest will have a similar affect.

Mint has also been used to treat burns, lower fever, and fight cancer. Mint is a delicious addition to many foods, beverages and desserts, so why not try to add it to your daily diet and enjoy better health and a clearer mind?