A Dental Journal Will Help Your Child With Their Dental Fears

If your school-aged child is scared to go to the dentist, there are a variety of ways you can go about helping them feel better about going to their dental appointment. One of the creative things you can do to help them over their fear, and actually make them a bit excited about going, is to help them put together a picture-journal of their experience. Follow the instructions below to help your child create a memorable journal that will also help them make it through their dental appointment.

Supplies needed

  • Camera
  • Printer
  • Printer paper
  • Journal
  • Tape
  • Markers


The first thing you want to do is explain the entire process to your child. Tell them, the first picture of them is going to be one of them smiling. Under this picture, they will explain why they need to go to the dentist; whether it's a routine visit, a cleaning, for cavities, for braces, etc. Take a picture, print it out and tape it to the first page in the journal. They will write their entry on the same page beneath the picture.

You can set up a meet and greet with most dentists in your area. This allows your child to meet the dentist before their appointment. A meet and greet will help your child see the dentist as more of a person trying to help them than someone to be scared of. Take a picture of your child with the dentist at the meet and greet. Tape the picture on the next page and have your child write their experience down in the journal.

Let your child know they can have you take their picture and write in the journal anytime they feel scared about their visit, or whenever they start to realize that it's nothing to be worried about. Let them know this journal is a place for them to reflect on their feelings, as well as document the experience so they know there's nothing to worry about for future dental visits.

When it comes time for your child's dental appointment, they will more than likely feel excited about being able to wrap up their dental journal with a positive experience. Looking forward to putting a before and after picture in the journal with a complete story about their appointment should give them something else to focus on. This will help them to put their fears aside and have a better experience.