3 Bad Dental Habits To Avoid

Taking care of your teeth involves more than regular brushing and flossing. In addition to a healthy diet, there are a number of things you actually need to avoid. Avoiding these harmful practices will help to keep your mouth, teeth and gums healthier longer.

Using A Toothbrush That's Too Hard

For most people, scrubbing is synonymous with cleaning. This same train of thought is true when it comes to brushing. Many people choose a hard-bristled toothbrush because they assume its firmness will be better for their teeth. However, combining a hard-bristled toothbrush with scrubbing can cause problems. As you grow older, your gums start to gradually recede, exposing more of your tooth's root. Using a hard-bristled toothbrush may only irritate this exposed area and lead to sensitivity issues. Make certain you speak with your dentist to determine what type of toothbrush is best for you.

Chewing Ice

After enjoying a refreshing glass of an ice-filled drink, many people have the habit of absentmindedly chomping on the ice. While seemingly harmless, the extremely cold temperature and texture of the ice cubes can fracture your teeth. Each time you bite down, undetectable microscopic cracks form all along the surface of your enamel.

These small cracks come with the risk of bacteria getting inside your teeth, causing considerable decay and a number of additional oral problems down the line. Once the enamel on your teeth gets destroyed, it can't be replaced. The next time you think about putting an ice cube in your mouth, think about the ramifications first.

Using Your Teeth As Tools

It's important to understand that your teeth aren't tools. While most people understand that they can't use their teeth to open things like bottles, even something as small as opening a bag of potato chips or ripping off a price tag can be damaging. This is particularly true if you have weak areas along the edges of your teeth. Performing these actions can cause trauma to an already sensitive area. Eventually, this can lead to your weakened tooth fracturing or chipping off. In order to repair the chipped tooth, you will need to have a bonding or filling performed. You can avoid this by not using your teeth as tools.

Exactly how you treat your teeth will have a significant impact on both the way your teeth look and your oral health. Make certain you aren't engaging in practices that could potentially harm your mouth, teeth and gums.